We understand that we can't save the earth by ourselves, that's why we created Minimalist Impact, we hope to set an example and to provide the means and inspiration to be 'eco friendly' at a fair price. We wanted everything that we did to be available to everyone, no matter what their financial status, over the years I've explored countless websites & catalogues of ethical businesses, and it would hurt because I was never rich enough to afford the 'luxury' of being truly eco friendly. Hopefully I've gained some wisdom since then and I realise that buying a product made from 'new' materials will never be eco friendly, sure producing it may be less harmful to the environment than the regular brand version but it still comes at a cost. The world already has enough things that we don't need and we shouldn't have to strip it bare or poison it to create new 'stuff'. At Minimalist Impact we create products from reclaimed materials, items that have already served their purpose and have been discarded, we take them and we transform them into something new, we don't need chemicals to do this, we don't need large amounts of energy or fuel to do this, we don't need to exploit poor people in foreign countries to do this, it just takes some thought, creativity, elbow grease and a bit of common sense

Minimalist impact was born shortly after I discovered minimalism, I began feeling guilty about purchasing new art & craft materials, I have always been compelled to create but felt depressed by the fact that every item I created just added to the amount of 'stuff' in an already over-stuffed world. My solution was to create using materials that had already had a life, to make something new from the discards of society, and therefore lessen my creative carbon footprint and have 'minimal impact' on the environment. My jewellery making supplies come mostly from local charity shops, so when you purchase from Minimalist Impact not only do you support the environment, you also support numerous small charities.
Because I'm working with reclaimed materials my designs are largely dictated by what is available at the time, I'm very eclectic and inspired by almost anything, recent inspirations include minimalism, simple pattern and earthy colours.
I strive to keep my creations as ethical and economical as possible this includes the packaging I use too, I have enjoyed experimenting with different materials to create earth friendly packaging, currently I am creating gift bags from used envelopes, old books and magazines.
I enjoy creating and feel strongly that handmade art should be accessible to all, you will find this reflected in my prices. I pride myself on my my customer service skills and hope to offer you an exceptional and considerate handmade experience.